To book an appointment, please visit the Consulting Room.

Appointment Times

A routine appointment is for 10 minutes which should give the doctor enough time to deal with one problem. If you have a number of issues to discuss or you think that an intimate examination may be needed you should let reception know.

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If you would like a chaperone to be present for your appointment it would be useful if you could let us know at the point of booking, so that we can ensure that an appropriate chaperone can be available.

Appointment Types

You may book a telephone consultation with a GP or nurse. Telephone appointments slots are allocated a maximum of 5 minutes.

The receptionist will ask for your contact phone number and the relevant clinician will contact you at a later time – you will be advised by the receptionist a time period during which the GP will be making telephone calls – usually a 30 to 40 minute window. It is not possible to arrange specific time slots for telephone appointments.

  • Please ensure that you are available to take the call during the allotted period.

If the GP is unable to get through to you during this allotted period the appointment will be missed and you will need to contact the surgery to arrange a new telephone appointment for the next available time.

About one third of the appointments that we offer can be booked in advance up to 4-5 weeks ahead. This is always the best type of appointment to book if you want to guarantee seeing your GP of choice and if you attend for routine or follow-up appointments.